Presenter speaking with simultaneous subtitling in two languages on main screen
Real-time Captioning
Two oval speech bubbles merging as venn diagram
Live Captioning
Globe with two directions coming together from opposite hemispheres
Rectangle speech bubble with two lines of speech derived from the source
Dictation & Transcription


Typewriter producing transcription
Multilingual Transcripts
Computer displaying video that captions speech
Two parts of the wireframe globe opening dialogue with two square speech bubbles
Three transcripts funnel into actionable data
Abstract & Analyses

Stenopoly applies speech tech to actual speeches for superior comprehension. Stenopoly - automated polylingual stenographer - enables: visual aid for caption readers; translations for global communicators; and higher learning outcomes for students.

Closed Captioning icon ADA & FCC COMPLIANCE

Globe with U.S. arrows branching out to four distances Globalization & Localization

Enclosed wireframe globe with two pin drops Corporate Learning

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling DISABLED ACCESS TAX CREDIT

Clapper board icon Publication Efficiency

Global minded person with world inside head; high global intelligence (GQ) Rapid Language Learning

Three parties with connectivity  around a wireframe globe TAX DEDUCTIONS

Laptop displaying improvement to search engine and social media optimization Verbatim Keyword SEO

light bulb with both hemispheres of the brain as filament inside Visual-Auditory Efficacy

Newspaper headlinesPublic Speaking Mastery

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