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Stenopoly delivers top speech and translation AI to speeches enabling keynote speakers, multinationals, and instructors, to present live with real-time bilingual subtitling for superior communications connecting comprehension and collaborations.

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Accessibility

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Globalization & Localization

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Corporate Learning

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling ADA Compliance

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Verbatim Keyword SEO

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Rapid Language Learning

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling FCC Compliance

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Publication Efficiency

Real-timeBilingualSubtitling Visual-Auditory Efficacy

Real-timeBilingualSubtitlingPublic Speaking MasteryReal-timeBilingualSubtitling

Why Stenopoly?

Stenopoly empowers instructors, multinationals, and keynote speakers to present live with real-time bilingual subtitling. Then our SaaS generates transcripts, video captions, abstracts, and analyses for ADA and FCC compliance and production efficiencies. Our presentation tool allows viewers to utilize two senses to understand one concept enabling neuroscience to reinforce and retain more intelligence.

What is it for me?

Ed Tech for Academia

Ed Tech for Academia to: adapt classrooms for students with disabilities; accelerate language acquisition for international students, ESLs, and language learners; enhance visual-auditory efficacy; caption online classes; subtitle video lectures; transcribe verbatim notes; streamline faculty publications; improve pedagogy; and comply with ADA Title I, II, and or III and IDEA Part D Statute.

AV Amenity for Meetings Industry

A/V Amenity for MICE Industry to: interpret and translate meetings; increase attendance rates, participation, engagement, and satisfaction by adapting facilities for audiences with disabilities and acclimating languages for international attendees; enhance visual- auditory corporate learning; transcribe keynote speeches; caption online video streams; index notes for searchability and SEO; comply with ADA Title III, CVAA Title I, and FCC laws.

Presentation Tool for Multnationals

Presentation Tool for MNCs to: interpret meetings, conference calls, and web conferences; integrate international functions, departments, and offices across language barriers and time zones; translate content; localize assets; transcribe board meetings; translate shareholder reports; caption webcasts; improve SEO and SMO; maximize corporate learning investments and benefits; comply with ADA Title I and III, CVAA Title I and III, and FCC laws.

Pricing Table

Single Day Usage

  • One Day Event Rental for Primary Facility - $1,000.00
  • Additional Rooms - $250.00
  • Each Additional Language - $0.00
  • Live Subtitling - Included
  • Instant Transcription/Translation Turnaround - Included
  • Audio Lengths - Limitless
  • Word Counts - Limitless
  • Each Additional Day - 80% of Full Day Rate

Monthly Subscription

  • Licensing Monthly with Three Access Portals - $2,500.00
  • Additional Languages - All Included
  • Live Subtitling - Included
  • Instant Transcription/Translation Turnaround - Included
  • Audio Lengths - Limitless
  • Word Counts - Limitless
  • Technical Support- Included

Long-term Subscriptions

  • Unlimited Usage for Three Access Portals
  • Licensing Quarterly - 5% Discount - $7,125.00
  • Licensing Semiannually - 10% Discount - $13,500.00
  • Licensing Annually - 1 Year - 15% Discount - $25,500.00
  • Licensing Annually - 2 Years - 25% Discount- $45,000.00
  • Licensing Annually - 3 Years - 35% Discount - $58,500.00
  • Free Support

Social Mission: Buy One, Gift One

For every one system you purchase, we donate a system in your community to a local primary or secondary school of your choice in your honor.